Leichhardt Massage

This well-established massage centre in Leichhardt is popular for Thai style relaxation therapy.

This well-established massage centre in Leichhardt is popular for Thai style relaxation therapy. Just a minute up Parramatta Road from Norton Street, or with rear access via Jarrett Street. Offering a wide range of massage treatment styles from experienced Thai masseuses.

Open late (last appointment 9:30pm) for your convenience with the best prices which are inclusive of the treats you’d pay $50 for elsewhere.

thai relax massageWe offer an unhurried relaxation massage based on traditional Thai techniques. Our masseuses are all trained in massage therapy, and your satisfaction is assured. You will be introduced to all the available masseuses in a private booth, and free to make a selection, or come back later if your preferred masseuse is not available. There is no pressure to stay if you don’t find what you are looking for. (We do recruit our masseuses with a keen eye as to what we think you are looking for!)

relaxation massageYou will be shown you to your treatment room, and you are free to have a shower to freshen up before (and after if you wish) your treatment.

Your masseuse will help you to dry off, then invite you to lay down for your therapy to commence. Oil or no oil – you are invited to choose. Every masseuse has her own rhythm and favourite techniques, but they all feature calming or firm strokes – as you prefer – to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, then legs, following the natural curves of the muscles from the ankles though the calves, thighs and buttocks.

Feel free to tell the therapist what you enjoy, though our experienced masseuse will already know by the way your body instinctively responds to her firm or gentle touches.

leichhardt massageWhen the masseuse senses the time is right, she will suggest you roll-over, providing you a pillow for comfort, and allow you to gaze on her youthful beauty as she performs a stimulating massage, stroking your belly, groin and upper legs, designed to energise the circulation, freeing toxins for removal from the lymphatic system, and giving a resounding sense of relief from the buildup of stress.

The massage will then finish with hot towels to remove the residual oil, and if time permits, we recommend a head or foot massage before your shower to complete the experience.


Address: 429 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Tel: (02) 9560 5755